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Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo Killed in Car Crash

- The K Zone - December 8, 2018 Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo Killed in Car Crash by Mojo Hill In a tragic and heartbreaking Tweet that was posted Friday night, it was reported by Marcos Grunfeld M. of Univision Deportes... Continue Reading →


One in 49 Million

The hitting streak is one of the most most exciting feats in baseball, but is this show of physical and mental endurance real or just a statistically expected illusion?

2018 MLB Awards Picks

National League MVP Mike Ian Mojo Maddie Jack The K Zone Official Ranking 1 Yelich Yelich deGrom Yelich Yelich  Yelich 2 Rendon Carpenter Yelich Arenado Freeman Arenado 3 Arenado Rendon Arenado Carpenter Story deGrom Breakout star Christian Yelich took first... Continue Reading →

Jim Haley: Good Will Utley

-The K Zone- November 3rd 2018 Jim Haley Interview by Mike Duffy Mike Duffy: What were some of your favorite parts about the Rays Organization? Jim Haley: Some of my favorite parts about the Rays organization are their willingness to help players... Continue Reading →

KAP: The Bold Story of Gabriel Kapler

Kapler has a more bold and analytical approach to the game. These things on top of a few more made him a unique choice for a Phillies organization that is familiar to more of a traditional approach to baseball. He has had a rollercoaster first year as manager, and a very interesting journey into baseball which I was just excited to find more about.

Zach Pop: Popping Bottles

-The K Zone- October 7th 2018 Zach Pop Interview by Mike Duffy Mike Duffy:  Growing up in Canada, was Brampton a hockey or baseball town? Zach Pop: Brampton was definitely a hockey town. Mike Duffy:  What are most looking forward... Continue Reading →

Evaluating the Myth of Postseason Experience

We've all heard MLB commentators, especially the old-school ones, complain about a team's postseason chances because its players lack experience, but is there real evidence to suggest that's true? Taking a look a hitters, pitchers, age, and experience, we can draw a data-driven conclusion.

Joey Gallo: An Interesting Case

By: Jack Kennedy Ever since the analytical era of baseball began, the way we view baseball stats has significantly evolved. Emphasis has been continually taken away from standard stats such as batting average and has been redistributed to the increasingly... Continue Reading →

Luis Perez: Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

-The K Zone- September 11th 2018 Luis Perez Interview by Mike Duffy This Article has been translated from Spanish to English. Original Version at the bottom. Mike Duffy: Do you have a motto or something to do to get you... Continue Reading →

From On Top of the World to the Phantom DL: The Cruel Realities of Professional Baseball

- The K Zone - September 11, 2018 From On Top of the World to the Phantom DL: The Cruel Realities of Professional Baseball by Mojo Hill "When people lie to your face over and over you start becoming a person... Continue Reading →

Sam Carlson: A Lot of Fun With the Mariners

-The K Zone- September 10th 2018 Sam Carlson Interview by Mike Duffy Photo Credit: The Seattle Times Mike Duffy: What were some of your favorite parts about the Mariners Organization? Sam Carlson: My favorite part about the Mariners Organization is... Continue Reading →

Luis Curbelo Jr. : Born To Play

  -The K Zone- September 9th 2018 Luis Curbelo Jr. Interview by Mike Duffy Mike Duffy: What are some of your favorite parts about the Chicago White Sox Organization? Luis Curbelo Jr. : Their tradition and their pinstripes pants are... Continue Reading →

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