The K Zone

July 8th 2018

Players and Fans Are Upset Over Blake Snell Snub. Verlander Has a Way to Prevent it in the Future.

by Mike Duffy


After this year’s controversial All Star picks were announced this evening, many fans and players stormed to social media to comment on this. One of this year’s general consensus snubs is Tampa Bay Rays Blake Snell. Snell has put up monster numbers this season, distinguishing himself as maybe even the best AL pitcher this year. Here are his stats.

I’ll have his best friend and teammate Chris Archer tell them to you.




This Tweet caught the eye of two of the best arms in the Astros rotation, Lance McCullers and the ace of Houston’s rotation, Justin Verlander. McCullers suggests that the system is broken for picking pitchers in the MLB All Star Game, which is done by players themselves. Verlander has a suggestion to make on how it should be changed:


Lance McCullers suggests it is all a popularity contest.


IMG_7275 2.jpg

You heard it from the pros, what do you think?