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Ian Joffe

Ian hates player interviews. So, when he learned that his friend Mike Duffy was founding an interview blog, he was a little disappointed. However, he quickly realized that Mike was having immediate success. So, he decided, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Ian Joffe is a 16-year-old Los Angeles native, who loves engineering, podcasts, swimming, cats, and especially baseball. In terms of MLB, he leans far on the SABR side, spending hours a day in the depths of BBR and Fangraphs. As Pythagoras once put it, “All is number!” He enjoys writing statistical analyses and having friendly arguments with the anti-SABR Mike. Let’s wish his Red Sox a great season!

The Trouble with Tommy John

There are several theories as to why pitchers tear their UCL's, making Tommy John Surgery necessary. I compare the leading theories to the historical data to see which ones can hold their own.


One in 49 Million

The hitting streak is one of the most most exciting feats in baseball, but is this show of physical and mental endurance real or just a statistically expected illusion?

Evaluating the Myth of Postseason Experience

We've all heard MLB commentators, especially the old-school ones, complain about a team's postseason chances because its players lack experience, but is there real evidence to suggest that's true? Taking a look a hitters, pitchers, age, and experience, we can draw a data-driven conclusion.

The Sport of Revenge

Every team has that player who seems to crush the team they used to be on. But is this a general trend? This is an investigation into whether the average MLB player seeks revenge.

Birthday Bashing

For July Fourth we look at whether players hit better on their own birthdays, or it's just another day for batting.

Who Got Figured Out?

No-name hitters will often surprise pitchers with strong early showings, but in the modern game of constant tracking, pitchers are quick to adjust. Some hitters adjust back, and others... don't. But even for those who don't, there is hope.

How to Win at Baseball

From hitting to pitching, to power to contact, there are many skills that a team can chose to build around. But, some of those skills are better to construct a roster from than others. Only a study of 480 rosters can tell us which.

2018 Season Projections

The MLB season is finally here! I project the playoff picture and awards voting, plus make 10 bold predictions for 2018.

Top 10 Players at Each Position

Over the past week or so, we've been compiling lists of the top 10 players at each position in baseball, predicted for the 2018 season based on where we expect them to play most of their games in the 2018... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Catchers

The top 10 catchers in MLB for the 2018 season

Top 10 Shortstops

The top 10 shortstops in MLB for the 2018 season

Top 10 First Basemen and Designated Hitters

The top 10 first basemen and designated hitters in baseball for the 2018 season

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