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I watch 162 Phillies games a year, some call it a problem I call it dedication

MLB: 1 Month Power Rankings

MLB: 1 Month Power Rankings By: Jack Kennedy *Note* Due to server issues this was not released on time, all standings and statistics are as of April 28th 1.Houston Astros (16-11) With the best record in their division and one... Continue Reading →


Ballplayers: Bearded Or Baby-Faced?

Are baseball players with facial hair more successful than players without?

Joey Gallo: An Interesting Case

By: Jack Kennedy Ever since the analytical era of baseball began, the way we view baseball stats has significantly evolved. Emphasis has been continually taken away from standard stats such as batting average and has been redistributed to the increasingly... Continue Reading →

America’s Pastime

  An Investigation into the correlation between the changes in culture  and the way baseball is has changed as a result   By Jack Kennedy   Introduction   “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better... Continue Reading →

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