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Maddie is a 16 year-old Philadelphia native with a passion for writing and of course, the Phillies. When her cousin, K Zone founder Mike Duffy, asked her to write for the blog, she was ecstatic, because it combined her two favorite things: writing and baseball. Her all-time favorite players are Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz. Aside from baseball, she also enjoys reading and writing poetry, singing, and traveling. She is also a big fan of her other beloved Philly sports teams; the Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers. Maddie appreciates the need for sabermetrics in baseball, but also thinks that you can't tell everything about a player from a stat sheet.

How MLB Teams Got Their Names: AL Central

The K Zone A Series by Maddie Marriott and Mike Duffy Installment #2 by Maddie Marriott January 9, 2019 Welcome back to your favorite series: How MLB Teams Got Their Names! (*crowd roars*) If you haven't checked out our first... Continue Reading →


How MLB Teams Got Their Names: AL West

The K Zone News A Series by Mike Duffy and Maddie Marriott Installment #1 by Maddie Marriott January 2nd, 2019 A team's name is a vital part of its identity. The name shapes almost everything about the team's image, including... Continue Reading →

The NL Cy Young Race: Contenders, Chances, and Predictions

The 2018 season is winding down, but the real races are just beginning.

Sixto Sánchez: Assessing the Phillies’ Top Prospect and His Role in the Manny Machado Trade

The K Zone  by Maddie Marriott July 23rd, 2018 Anyone who pays attention to Major League Baseball has heard about former Baltimore Oriole, Manny Machado, being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers this past week.  Many thought the All-Star power... Continue Reading →

Odúbel Herrera: Keeping Baseball Fun

The K Zone July 22nd, 2018 by Maddie Marriott On any given night, centerfield for the Phillies is occupied by the freakishly athletic, always entertaining Odúbel Herrera.  The 26 year-old Venezuelan fireball has certainly made his mark in Philadelphia since... Continue Reading →

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