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The Mysterious Case of Ryan Schimpf

- The K Zone - January 22, 2019 The Mysterious Case of Ryan Schimpf by Mojo Hill By now, most hardcore baseball fans have heard about Joey Gallo and how he is already having one of the strangest MLB careers of... Continue Reading →


The Trouble with Tommy John

There are several theories as to why pitchers tear their UCL's, making Tommy John Surgery necessary. I compare the leading theories to the historical data to see which ones can hold their own.

One in 49 Million

The hitting streak is one of the most most exciting feats in baseball, but is this show of physical and mental endurance real or just a statistically expected illusion?

Evaluating the Myth of Postseason Experience

We've all heard MLB commentators, especially the old-school ones, complain about a team's postseason chances because its players lack experience, but is there real evidence to suggest that's true? Taking a look a hitters, pitchers, age, and experience, we can draw a data-driven conclusion.

The NL Cy Young Race: Contenders, Chances, and Predictions

The 2018 season is winding down, but the real races are just beginning.

The Sport of Revenge

Every team has that player who seems to crush the team they used to be on. But is this a general trend? This is an investigation into whether the average MLB player seeks revenge.

Birthday Bashing

For July Fourth we look at whether players hit better on their own birthdays, or it's just another day for batting.

Who Got Figured Out?

No-name hitters will often surprise pitchers with strong early showings, but in the modern game of constant tracking, pitchers are quick to adjust. Some hitters adjust back, and others... don't. But even for those who don't, there is hope.

The Secret of Ray Searage

Pirates pitching Coach Ray Searage has turned around countless pitching careers. I set out to figure out how he does it, and run into a fact about baseball that has gone unquestioned for a century, but needs to be changed now.

The Road Rockies

Coors Field, Denver, is by far the most hitter-friendly ballpark in the Majors. But if the Rockies played somewhere else, they would be a completely different kind of team. I've looked at the numbers, and discovered exactly what kind of team that would be.

The Legend of the League Change

It has long been asserted that when a pitcher switches from the American League to the National League, their statistics get better, and when one moves the other way around, they get worse. When put up against the data, does this theory really stack up?

A Look at Luck: Hitter Edition

At this point in the year, we know enough to begin making predictions about who will succeed and fail, but there is still a lot of luck and sample size to be played out. Here, I analyze the leaders in luck, and determine whose hot start will be sustainable, and whose will fall apart.

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