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Top 20 Baseball Players

The top 20 overall players in baseball for the 2019 season


Top 10 Closers

The top 10 closers in baseball for the 2019 season.

Top 10 Starting Pitchers

The top 10 starting pitchers in baseball for the 2019 season

Top 10 Middle Relievers

The top 10 middle relievers for the 2019 season.

Top 10 Catchers

The top 10 catchers in baseball for the 2019 MLB season

Top 10 Players At Each Position

A master list of the top 10 players at every position across the diamond

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Exploring the Crossover Effect

Joey Votto racked up both hard hits and well-angled hits in 2018, yet he put up career lows in both home runs and Statcast's barrels. The reason why may lie in crossover rate, the baseball world's newest statistic.

The Mysterious Case of Ryan Schimpf

- The K Zone - January 22, 2019 The Mysterious Case of Ryan Schimpf by Mojo Hill By now, most hardcore baseball fans have heard about Joey Gallo and how he is already having one of the strangest MLB careers of... Continue Reading →

The Trouble with Tommy John

There are several theories as to why pitchers tear their UCL's, making Tommy John Surgery necessary. I compare the leading theories to the historical data to see which ones can hold their own.

One in 49 Million

The hitting streak is one of the most most exciting feats in baseball, but is this show of physical and mental endurance real or just a statistically expected illusion?

Evaluating the Myth of Postseason Experience

We've all heard MLB commentators, especially the old-school ones, complain about a team's postseason chances because its players lack experience, but is there real evidence to suggest that's true? Taking a look a hitters, pitchers, age, and experience, we can draw a data-driven conclusion.

The NL Cy Young Race: Contenders, Chances, and Predictions

The 2018 season is winding down, but the real races are just beginning.

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