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Gavin Cecchini Hitting Well and Working on Versatility in Vegas

- The K Zone - May 12, 2018 Gavin Cecchini Hitting Well and Working on Versatility in Vegas by Mojo Hill As I wrote in an article in February, 2018 is a critical year for Gavin Cecchini. His prospect status... Continue Reading →


Sandy Gaston Interview – Top 2018 International Prospect Series – Cuba  

  The K Zone May 6th 2018 Sandy Gaston Interviewed By Mike Duffy English & Spanish Versions The question isn't if Gaston can pitch. It's whether he will be a starter or pitch out of the bullpen one day. The... Continue Reading →

Limiting Walker Buehler’s Innings

The Dodgers recently called up their top pitching prospect Walker Buehler . In 3 starts (16 innings), Buehler has only allowed 2 earned runs (1.12 ERA), 19 Ks, and 7 BBs. The Dodgers want to limit his innings since he’s 2... Continue Reading →

How to Win at Baseball

From hitting to pitching, to power to contact, there are many skills that a team can chose to build around. But, some of those skills are better to construct a roster from than others. Only a study of 480 rosters can tell us which.

Ross Stripling Interview: Being A Part of a Special Team

Ross Stripling is a part of one of the most historic franchises, the Dodgers. When Stripling made a move to the bullpen, his versatility made him a cornerstone of the Dodgers who would go to the World Series in 2017. This year the Dodgers look to win it all, and with their young talent, they will be a dominant team for years to come.

Top 20 Baseball Players

Our final list... the top 20 overall baseball players in all MLB for the 2018 season

Top 10 Starting Pitchers

The top 10 starting pitchers in MLB for the 2018 season

Top 10 Closers

The 10 best closers in MLB for the 2018 season.

Interview With Nationals Prospect Jamori Blash

The K Zone March 28th 2018 Jamori Blash Interviewed By Mike Duffy For more Interviews Click Here For more updates on articles follow us on Instagram @thekzonenews Comment below on how we can improve the articles! Thanks for reading!

Top 10 Middle Relievers

The top 10 middle relievers in MLB for the 2018 season

2018 Season Projections

The MLB season is finally here! I project the playoff picture and awards voting, plus make 10 bold predictions for 2018.

Top 10 Right Fielders

Official K-Zone Ranking Mike’s Ranking Ian’s Ranking Mojo’s Ranking Guti’s Ranking 1. Bryce Harper (WSH) Bryce Harper (WSH)  Bryce Harper (WSH)  Bryce Harper (WSH)  Bryce Harper (WSH) 2. Aaron Judge (NYY) Aaron Judge (NYY) Mookie Betts (BOS) Aaron Judge (NYY)... Continue Reading →

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