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KAP: The Bold Story of Gabriel Kapler

Kapler has a more bold and analytical approach to the game. These things on top of a few more made him a unique choice for a Phillies organization that is familiar to more of a traditional approach to baseball. He has had a rollercoaster first year as manager, and a very interesting journey into baseball which I was just excited to find more about.


Ross Stripling Interview: Being A Part of a Special Team

Ross Stripling is a part of one of the most historic franchises, the Dodgers. When Stripling made a move to the bullpen, his versatility made him a cornerstone of the Dodgers who would go to the World Series in 2017. This year the Dodgers look to win it all, and with their young talent, they will be a dominant team for years to come.

Jon Duplantier; Fishing & Pitching

Interview with DBacks and top MLB prospect Jon Duplantier!

Tyler Watson; How I Met My New Team

The K Zone August 31st 2017 Tyler Watson Interviewed By Mike Duffy   Mike Duffy: I was wondering ¬†when you go from high school, minor leagues, what was the biggest challenge when you reach each stage? Tyler Watson: The biggest... Continue Reading →

Statistical Analysis: The Most Underrated MVP Candidate

Every year, as time runs out on the MLB playing season, award season's clock has just begun. The BBWAA takes pride in their votes for awards like MVP, but often, they need a serious stat check. Featured here: that very stat check they so sorely need

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